Project Management

We understand how critical it is for you to have the right products at the right time as any delays can bring the whole production process to a halt. To ensure that everything is aligned with your time, cost and quality requirements, LSS also offers project management services to support planning and delivery. Depending on the size and scope of agreement, a project manager can also be assigned who will work with the client to create and execute the project plan.

LSS has proven project management services and our clients from all over the world trust us to manage their supply chain operations in UAE. From import to clearance, and maintaining of stocks to their delivery on a strict time schedule, we cover all aspects of the supply chain. We have facilities to handle the most delicate or bulkiest of lab items which are kept in local ISO recognized standards warehouses. If there is a need for controlled room temperature, fridge or freezer with temperature monitoring, we also have that covered. 

We extend our project management services to a wide variety of industries and our impressive portfolio of satisfied clients includes leading water treatment and drinking water companies, medical clinics, research institutons and pharmaceutical companies. With over fifteen years of experience working on various projects, we have the expertise and capacity to add significant value to your organization.

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